Tuesday, October 28, 2014

"Fall" Up Your Look

Hey guys I have an awesome blog that you should check out if you are interested in some makeup tips! Zoella is 24 years old and started her blog up in 2009. She definitely has an expertise in make up department. Plus she is beautiful! I find her blog very interesting and her posts very relatable. Her blog is fun and full of great pictures, as well as videos! But if you think it just covers makeup wait for your mind to be blown. She also posts about cosmetics in general like what face washes are good to use(skin care) what soap brands are best, life advice, and random fun posts. Here is a link to her blog check it out!  http://www.zoella.co.uk/p/about-me.html

One of her blog posts goes hand in hand with my blog on Fall! She has a great video introducing the look of golden bronze eyes, and plum looking lips. I like when fall collections come out because of all the dark and shimmery pallets. It is the time of year I buy all my lip stains and lips sticks. I can have around 5 tubes at a time, it gets addicting! It is the perfect way to boost up your look a little bit. When I wake up late to work throw on my face primer a little mascara, a lip color and I'm ready to bolt out the door. But it also brings a sense of classiness to a look. Say you have a dinner or special occasion throw on a black dress and pop some color with a crimson lip stick and smokey eyes. Hands down fall makeup is very unique, I feel like people step out of their comfort zones with fall colors. Someone who may not wear insane makeup everyday may convince themselves to try something new since everyone else is. It is the perfect time to play around and mix and match those tones.

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