Monday, October 27, 2014

Scarf Heaven

Finally the time is here.....the time for scarves! scarves are the perfect accessory for fall. When the breeze is coming in and the chilly morning air is here, you will want a scarf! There are many different reasons and outfits to pair a scarf with. there are days when I just want to put on a big comfy sweater with some yoga pants, boots, and a scarf. But then of course you get tired of the lazy look everyday and maybe want to dress up a bit. Walking outside in a dress probably isn't the smartest idea, you will freeze. But you always have the option of throwing on some tights wedged boots and a scarf to keep you warm. I love when church time comes around and I get to dress up my winter dresses with my infinity scarves. Then you have SNOW days. Snow days are the days that you want your thickest scarf to be prepared for the icy snow flakes. These scarves you would want for tubing, skiing, snowboarding, towards the end of fall in general you will be happy you got one!

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