Thursday, October 30, 2014

Halloween is Almost Here!

Halloween is tomorrow! I must say it is not my favorite holiday, but who doesn't like dressing up for one night!? I personally like the tradition I have of making pizza, renting movies, and passing out candy to the kids. Last year was the first time that I actually went out with my girlfriends and it was a blast! I just take a throw back Thursday moment, we decided to dress up as celebrities. It was pretty funny! I decided to be Nikki Manaj My roommate was Katy Perry, and our friends were Keisha and Lady Gaga. It was a fun night for sure filled with lots of eating and drinking.

This Halloween two of my co-workers and I decided to dress up as characters from one of our favorite t.v shows as kids. Can you take a guess?? The POWERPUFF GIRLS! I use to be obsessed with Bubbles but for this I'm being Buttercup, the green one. What are you dressing up for Halloween? I would love to see everyone's creative ideas! Post a pic in the comment box below. Let the festivities begin. Happy Halloween!

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