Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Candles, Candles, and More Candles!

       The other day I went shopping with my girlfriends. Walking around all the stores looking at sweaters for fall is the perfect way to spend a night. Roaming around we wandered into Bath and Body Works. Little did I know that my roommate is obsessed with candles. Bath and Body works is like heaven for candle lovers. She will buy wall candles, mini candles, three wicked candles, and medium candles. But why spend $20 on a jar that smells good??

     Men may not understand the need to buy candles but ladies do. You can get over hundreds of smells for a candle. Not just that I can list off a couple reasons on why a candle is a good purchase.
1. Having a candle in the house adds to your home decor.
2. Candles are comforting. Nothing is better than a little illuminating light in a dark room soothing you to sleep.
3. They can be set in place to relax you. Fill your tub turn off the lights, light a ton of candles, and take a relaxing bath,
4. Candles set a romantic mood. Maybe set a few candles for dinner with you husband or boyfriend. Light up the bedroom with a candle and enjoy the nice scent.
5. Candles are perfect gifts.
6. Holiday candles are fun to pick out, so many new scents.
these are only a few reasons to love candles.

    Getting into the fall season candles scents go off the charts. It is the time I want my house to smell like pumpkins, or fall air, even spices. Some of the most popular scents during fall are, Spiced Pumpkin Cider, Sweater Weather, Pumpkin Cinnamon Bun, Pumpkin Ginger Bread, Harvest Gathering, Mahogany, Amber Woods, Warm Vanilla Sugar, Tis the Season, Marshmallow Fireside; doesn't this make you want to go pick up a candle?! In my opinion everyone should at least own one candle in their home. If you won't take my word for it, go out and smell some for yourself! Comment below with your favorite Fall scent.

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